Sponsors and Boosters Program


Our goal is to promote team and school enthusiasm, pride in our sportsmanship, and community involvement.

Improves and maintains a high level of interest and loyal support for Elder Grove athletes, activities, coaches, and staff.

Works to maintain a high level of good sportsmanship among its members, both as fans and as role models, to our entire student body.

Organizes volunteers and concessions at home athletic events.

Elder Grove Activities Sponsor and Booster Program Priorities
2016-2017: Expansion of New Athletic Programs
(Cross Country and Football)
2017-TBA: Maintain/Upgrade Athletic Facilities & Equipment
(Multi-Purpose Field)


Schmitz Family
Rice Family
Jesse Moore
Phillips Family
Van Ballegooyen Family
Hoffman Family
Warnick Family
Reichert Family
Eddie Cochran
James Gang
Beartooth Bank
The Frank Pelkey Family
Gary & Holly Adams
Meier Chiropractic
Dannenberg Ranch Inc.
Henry & Tyler Contreraz
360 Office Solutions
Hawkins Family
Jamieson Family
Hanson Chemical Inc.
Iverson Family
Copeman Family
Chirrick Family
The Baumann Family
Phipps Family
Pat and Kara Ryan
Hein Family



Doug Hanson, A-1 Rentals
Summit Oral Surgery
Sanderson Stewart
PRL Consulting PLC
CLC Datacom
First Interstate Bank
Interstate Batteries
Red Rock Sporting Goods
Beartooth Bank
Dale and Jaz Door & Glass, Inc.
Abromeit Family
Cabinet Works
Grand Avenue Dental Care
Run and Gun Youth Basketball League
Stokke Family Dentistry
Leavitt Group Insurance
Sparks Incorporated
Larson Family
Tounsley Electric Incorporated
Fisher Water Service
Home Improvement Warehouse


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